Cats Jesus Christ Superstar Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat Phantom of the Opera Sunset Boulevard

The Musicals

For this project, we have selected five songs from five different musicals. These musicals cover four decades of Andrew Lloyd Webber's career. Below are the descriptions of each musical for your reference. Click on a title to reveal the synopsis.


Cats is based on T.S Eliot's famous book of poetry "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats", a childhood favorite of Webber's. It tells the story of the Jellicle Cats who attend the Jellicle Ball in the hopes of ascending to The Heaviside Layer with their leader Old Deuteronomy. The Musical first premiered at the New London Theatre in 1981 and it continued to entertain audiences for 21 more years. Cats is the winner of 7 Tony Awards, including Best Musical.

Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar tells the well known story of Jesus Christ through the eyes of the man that would ultimately betray him, Judas Iscariot. This rock opera first debuted on Broadway in October 1971 at the Mark Hellinger Theatre in NYC. In August 1972, the show would debut in London's West End at the Palace Theatre and quickly become the longest running musical in West End history at the time.

Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat

Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat is a musical that all ages can enjoy. It tells the famous biblical story of the trials and triumphs of Joseph, his eleven brothers, and of course a spectacular coat of many colors. The musical was originally written as a "pop cantata" for a school choir to sing at their Easter end of term concert. Webber was approached about the project in the summer of 1967, but the musical would not see its Broadway debut until 15 years later at the Royale Theatre on January 27th 1982.

Phantom of the Opera

Undoubtedly one of Webber's most famous works, The Phantom of the Opera tells the story of a disformed mask figure,lurkin in the shadows beneath the majestic Paris Opera House, who falls in love with the beautiful Christine Daae. The musical is based off the novel Le Fantome de I'Opera written by Gaston Leroux in 1911. It's first performance was at Her Majesty's Theatre in London on September 27th 1986 and is currently in its 30th year of production. The Broadway premiere followed two years later on January 9th 1988 at the Majestic Theatre. Phantom has since become Broadway's longest running musical ever, surpassing another Webber musical Cats with its 7,486th performance on January 6th 2006.

Sunset Boulevard

Based on the 1950 film Sunset Boulevard tells the story of an unsuccessful screenwriter who gets roped into writing a screenplay for the former silent-film star, Norma Desmond. Desmond resides in her dilapidated house on Sunset Boulevard with the delusional dream of returning to the limelight after fading into Hollywood obscurity. The show first opened in London's West End at the Adelphi Theatre on July 12th 1993. A Broadway production soon followed at the Minksoff Theatre on Novemeber 17th 1994 and was the recipiant of several Tony Awards.